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"To enhance beauty, reduce heat and UV protection in environment needs and safety"

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About Touch Films UAE

We identified a gap in the availability of specialised people and a dedicated company for glass tinting, decorative films, and safety films. As a result of the countries' desire to develop in harmony with the rapidly changing global environment. Seeing an opportunity, we contributed our expertise and commitment to this industry, and now we are proud of who we are.

Touch Films Co. offers items of the finest calibre together with expert installation. Depending on the needs of the client, we provide thorough designs and specifications for every product we represent. Our track record demonstrates our capacity to provide high-quality services and goods whenever customers need them.

For discerning homeowners, tinters, installers, architects, interior designers, builders, and project management consultants, window films from Touch Films Co. are the go-to option.

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Numerous Advantages of Touch Films

Window film products are designed for commercial and residential applications where damaging ultraviolet light, heat and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important or a new look is desired. Whether it's a home or an office, Touch Film's Co. offer you a lot of advantaged.

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Touch Films UAE

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Expert Advise & Survey

We are highly trained and experienced in the uses and specifications of all our films. Without obligation we will carry out a free survey to help define your problems and assist in the choice of the film or films best suited to address your needs.

Professionally trained people

Anyone can install a film but can't get the right way of an installation and the benefit of being installed. They may be scratches, on the film and glassed, sides won't be trimmed properly. Exodus has special blades, made in USA to help clean the glass without scratches.

In house machinery advantage

We have in house machinery for the designing the film for your choice, either it can be any design, logo, writing and display. Our designers gove you the idea of making the modern design on frosted film which suits your office or home.

Beautiful interiors and exteriors

Etched glass panels provide a beautiful means but expensive way of creating an entirely new environment of space, light and beauty. At Touch Films, we can create any type of design, logos on frosted film and clour films, caricature and so forth.

Changeable designs and Patterns

Tired of seeing the same design for on or two years? Now, with window films, you can change the design or pattern conveniently at your own convenience, unlike glass where you need to change the entire glass.

Tested Products, with guarantee

Our window films meet and surpass more government and international standards than any other films. When you install products from Touch Films, we guarantee you the best the industry has to offer.


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Amanda Rivera
They has been counseling students for educational opportunities in a Foreign countries and their dream of studying abroad. They will give Visa and help Immigration.
Rick Janson
They provide best expert team to create great value for immigration. Nulla ut elementum sapien, a pulvinar augue. Sed semper sed tellus in ultrices hendrerit.
Henry Morgan
They has been counseling students for educational opportunities in a Foreign countries and their dream of studying abroad. They will give Visa and help Immigration.

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