Energy Savings, eco-friendliness

You don't need to have extremely dark windows to keep the heat out, forcing you to work in artificial light. Our products blocks out as much as 80% of solar energy, keep your interiors cool, thereby reducing your air-conditioning, energy costs and helping the environment. Offices stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and your employees more comfortable.

Less radiation-less glare

Natural sunlight contains ultraviolet rays(UV), have a disastrous effect on your upholstery. Unlike blinds, these products block up to 99% of UV rays and 80% glare, while letting in natural light. This protects your expensive upholstery, curtains or flooring from fading. Not to mention, helps prevent skin cancer, premature aging of the skin and eye damage and heightens productivity.

Stylish and effective privacy

The window films offer a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy. Designed as a retrofit product to enhance glass, frosted films can be easily applied vertically, horisontally or diagonal to create stunning effects. vertically, horizontally or diagonal to create stunning effects.

Scratch resistance

They are scratch resistant, due to which there is no damage done to the film during normal handling or cleaning of the glass.

Cost-effective overall

Sun Control film may cost you more initially but are maintenance -free and in the coming years, your electricity bill will be reduced since you don't need to tune your air condition in full flow. So, you support the government's conservation energy efforts, save your money and of course, the environment.